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ISO 23826:2021 Gas Cylinders - Specifications and testing for Ball Valves

Posted by Eldad Ohayon | 08 Mar 2023

The ISO 23826 Standard sets out the design, testing, and performance requirements for ball valves used in the transportation of compressed, liquified, and dissolved gases. This includes ball valves used as closures for transportable gas cylinders, pressure drums, and tubes, as well as main valves for cylinder bundles and valves for cargo transport units.

One of the key requirements of the ISO 23826 Standard is that the materials used in the construction of the valves should not allow gas embrittlement or H2 molecule diffusion into the metal surface. Additionally, ball valves used in liquified gas service must have a cavity relief system to prevent pressure accumulation within the ball cavity in the closed condition.

At Habonim, we take the ISO 23826 Standard very seriously. Recently, we received ISO 23826 approval for our H25 – TPED 550 bar (8000psi) type testing. This involved putting 11 valves through 136 tests, including fire safety tests, high and low-pressure testing, various temperature pressure tests, and an endurance test. We also measured the torque when opening or closing the valve.

To learn more about the ISO 23826 Standard and our valves, we invite you to watch the recorded webinar in which Eldad Ohayon, Habonim’s Product Manager, and Deen Lauz, Habonim’s QA Administrator, explore the key features of the standard and present two case studies.

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Eldad Ohayon

Eldad Ohayon

Product Manager, with over a decade of experience in Industrial products and business development, Eldad leads HABONIM's valve offering.

Topics: Hydrogen, Ball valves, Hydrogen valves